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Modern Hardwood Stairs
Hardwood Stairs With White Riser
Neutral Color Wood Floor Interior Design

Hardwood Flooring Installation in Phoenix, AZ

AZ Supreme Flooring LLC is a highly rated Arizona flooring contractor. Our family business has over 20 years of wood flooring installation and sales experience, and we understand what the best quality craft and customer service are. We do not subcontract our installation. Our process is quick, easy, and on schedule because we are in control of the entire process from the initial flooring estimate to the wood installation. We provide glue-down installations, staple down installations, nail down installations, and floating wood flooring. We take all the steps in prepping the subfloor and giving you 100% satisfaction.

Hardwood Flooring Specials

We work with our manufacturers and distributors to provide customers with competitive prices year-round on great and quality wood products. We also offer special pricing each month on select wood products. Contact us and ask what wood flooring specials we have going on currently.

Hardwood flooring has been around for centuries but didn’t become a traditional household item until the late 1800’s when the tongue and groove were put in wood flooring by hand. To understand why hardwood has so many unique features, you must understand the design from each cut. The natural cuts are rift sawn, flat sawn, and quarter sawn wood, but manufactured styles consist of rotary peel, sliced peel, and dry solid. Each cut provides wooden planks with the desired texture, which is unique and varied throughout the scattered wooden planks.

A common question we get is about the durability of hardwood flooring. There is a test used to determine how much force is needed for a steel ball (.444 inches/11.28 millimeters) to be embedded halfway in the wood. This test is called the Janka Hardness Test and determines the durability of each wood. When it comes to domestic woods, Hickory is the most durable domestic hardwood while Brazilian Ebony is a popular exotic hardwood that is on the higher end on the scale.

Select Your Flooring

Hardwood Floors are one of the most popular choices for homeowners. The beauty of hardwood lasts for many decades. With so many options to choose from, there is hardwood for every home. Wood floors will instantly increase the value of your home, and hardwood flooring is easy to maintain. For most homeowners, the warm look of hardwood makes it more attractive to other flooring types such as carpet and tile. The most intriguing part about choosing wood floors is that you have a great selection of wood species. There is a lot of hardwoods and softwoods to both domestic and exotic.

Our hardwood flooring options are vast, with top-quality engineered products and solid wood flooring options. Each flooring product provides customers with the look and durability they desire in their homes. Floors will change the appearance of your home’s interior, one plank at a time. Reclaimed wood can bring warmth and a farmhouse style interior while also being made from recycled and reused timber. Matte-finished hardwoods will present a modern yet shabby and chic interior with durability and is generous to high traffic areas where pets, kids, and daily wear and tear occurs. Traditional home interiors can be ageless and designed with 3-1/4” wide wooden planks with many rifts. In new modern interior design open floor plan homes, you can find elegant wide plank flooring that is 12” wide.

Vinyl Plank Flooring has become one of the most popular choices in flooring. Pergo and other Laminate products are not water-proof. It's 100% vinyl and Eco-friendly. Luxury Vinyl Tile was once on your gym floor in little square blocks, but today it's modern and affordable.

Waterproof Flooring 

There is more than just sheet vinyl available on the market today. With LVP, LVT, and EVT, there is a scale for each room in your home. Tile was a product considered for every room of a modern home until vinyl plank flooring came to the market. You can install LVP in each room without having to worry about moisture damage. Vinyl Plank is an excellent option for bringing beautiful flow to your home from one room to another.

Waterproof LVP in Home Entrance

Vinyl Installation in Phoenix, AZ

We come into your home to determine the scope of the project and provide you a free estimate. Our mobile showroom will come and bring you a wide selection of LVT/LVP samples. Once the Vinyl Floor is selected, we start your installation process. No sub-contractors so you can work directly with us.

Pet and Family Friendly Floors

Vinyl Plank Flooring is one of the friendliest options when it comes to your pets and family. We all have accidents happen and animals who make them but also kids who can sometimes do the unexpected. These floors are waterproof and allow you the peace of mind in situations where another flooring such as carpet and hardwood flooring would not. They are also an excellent option for your home in high water and traffic areas like the kitchen and bathroom.

We provide the installation of the top-quality luxury vinyl plank at amazing prices. You can see our promotions on Google or by contacting us for which specials are currently run.

Laminate flooring has been around for over 50 years, and these floating floors are there to simulate a wood-like look to traditional hardwood flooring.

Residential and Commercial Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring is an excellent option for your home or business. Armstrong and Pergo, among other big brands, provide exceptional products for standard and heavy commercial areas. With a quiet comfort underlayment which is used to provide a barrier and reduce noise.

Laminate Flooring Installation in Phoenix, AZ

The process includes removing prior flooring and prepping the subfloor for a clean install. The floor must be level and clean from debris. The installation consists of a moisture and acoustic noise layer unless the product states otherwise. The tongue and groove provide a quick install and most laminate floors today are floated without glue.

Is Laminate Real Wood?

Laminate Flooring is not like Luxury Vinyl which is made strictly out of vinyl. Laminate flooring is made to imitate actual hardwood flooring. These boards are made at a high temperature during the lamination process and are made of fiberboard and melamine resin. Top quality laminate flooring is difficult to differentiate without knowing your flooring.

Rich Colored Laminate Wood Floors in Living Room

Tile is a beautiful product for every home and instantly increases the value of your home. It can make a wall come out with a simple backsplash or by adding a walk-in shower with many different patterns. Tile can transform your home from the kitchen to the bathroom to the outdoors and pool area.

Tile Installation in Phoenix, AZ

Our Tile process is fast, and we are reliable! We provide bathroom renovation, kitchen remodeling, floor installation for indoor and outdoor tile services. It may be challenging to find a flooring contractor, but we make this process easy and stress-free for you!

Mosaic Tiles For Walls and Floors

Different Types of Tile

  • Porcelain Tile

  • Ceramic Tile

  • Marble

  • Mosaic

  • Limestone

  • Natural Stone

Tile Walk In Shower and Tub Luxury Home Feel

Behind the door of each home, you will find carpet in one room or another. While carpet may be the affordable choice, it isn't the main reason homeowners go with carpet.

Look at our carpet guide to help assist you in selecting from the different types of carpet on the market today: Wool, Nylon, Polyester, and Polypropylene Olefin.

Carpet Installation in Phoenix, AZ

Once you know which carpet suits your home or office, we will help you install it whether it's carpet tile or broadloom we can do it.

White Fur Rug with Both Feet

AZ Supreme Flooring LLC offers a wide range of flooring options. We offer top brands at competitive prices, and we bring them to your home. Our business is family-owned and operated with over twenty years of flooring experience. We value our work and our customers from the initial estimate to one of our family members putting the final touch on your finished floor.

Our flooring process is simple and easy. We won't haggle you with endless sales pitches. Once you contact us, we will discuss what kind of flooring you are interested in and provide you feedback on any questions you have. You can find inspiration throughout the internet or by having a look at our gallery and previous improvement projects. Next, we will come to you and present you with a wide variety of flooring options full of color, size, and texture options. Once the flooring is chosen, we will start the estimate process for your project. We offer highly competitive pricing for flooring as we have great relationships with our vendors.

Once your flooring order is placed, we will take care of the rest. AZ Supreme Flooring LLC will bring the flooring to your home and start the installation process. We understand how important it is to get the projects finished on-time, and we will be able to give you an accurate forecasted time. Our team isn't subcontracted, so we can provide a realistic timeline. We ensure the customer isn't left with a mess and pay attention to detail with our flooring installations.

Watch Us Install Your Floor
Call us today for Hardwood Flooring and Luxury Vinyl Plank Waterproof Flooring Specials! We offer flooring sales, installation, and demolition services throughout Phoenix, Chandler, Tempe, Ahwatukee, Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale, and More!

AZ Supreme Flooring LLC will bring beautiful wood flooring to your home • Solid Hardwood Installation Engineered HardwoodTile, Carpet, LaminateLuxury Vinyl Plank, Waterproof Flooring, and More • Huge Selection • Width • Get to know the differences between the floors you in your home or office • FINISH • Choose from one of the many brands we carry • We’ll help you find the right product and give you the best installation service in Arizona • Need products brought to you? Call Us and we’ll bring you samples for FREE • • Mobile Showroom

Top Flooring Brands and Eco-Friendly Products
We carry a large selection of flooring at great prices. You pick your wood floor and you will have it installed by us! We are a locally owned family business and you will be working with one of us from your free estimate to the end of the installation.
Step by Step Flooring Process

Schedule an in home design consultation


Domestic Hardwood Infographic

What is considered a domestic hardwood?

Domestic Hardwood is any species that is native to North America. These species include Birch, Cherry, Pine, Hickory,
Maple, and hundreds more. These woods are used to make flooring, furniture, cabinets, and many other things. Each containing different hardnesses colors, texture, and grain patterns.

Vinyl Flooring

Why is Vinyl Plank Flooring The Most Popular Choice of the Year?

When we think of Vinyl flooring we think of sitting down on our gym floors in elementary school and looking at those tan colored squares. Maybe when you were playing basketball or Dodgeball and falling and scraping your knees. Some of us can go even further and go back into the 50's and 60's when they were the hottest trend.


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"AZ Supreme Flooring is one of the best floor contractors we have ever used. Honest, fast workers. Leave everything spotless when they leave. Would give them a 5 star recommendations. They are awesome."

Julie F.

"Sam was able to take the time to make sure we found exactly what we wanted for flooring.Once we decided on the flooring, Sam and his great crew were able to put in our floor in under 3 days for our downstairs which exceeds 1750 sq. ft. The floor looks great. He pulls no punches and does quality work in a short period of time."

Stuart L.

We've used Sam with AZ Supreme Flooring over the years on multiple occasions. Recently, he finished a few rooms in our house with hardwood floors and they look amazing. He's always been fairly priced and finished on schedule. I would highly recommend using him for any jobs.

David W.

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