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Hardwood Flooring

AZ Supreme Flooring LLC provides you an extensive selection of hardwood floors. Originally started as a full-service hardwood flooring company we have grown to offer the valley with all forms of floor covering. Hardwood flooring was our first passion from day one, and we love this product. Our family business and service will provide you with the very best knowledge and help you find the right hardwood floors for your needs.

Interior Designed Kitchen With Wood Flooring

Wood Floor Installation

AZ Supreme Flooring LLC provides the highest quality hardwood floors that are backed with excellent warranties on products that are purchased directly from us.


AZ Supreme Flooring LLC has provided Arizona with thousands of hardwood installs ranging from engineered hardwood floors to solid hardwood, reclaimed hardwood, with hundreds of colors and types to choose from. With our long history in the hardwood industry, we have the skills and knowledge to provide you with the very best possible experience. We have installed residential, commercial, gym, sport, and many other venues throughout the years. From the initial phone call to the completion of your project, you will be dealing only with the family. We make sure to look after every one of our customers. We will work with you on your project, whether it's a remodel, a new build, or a commercial project. We do it all, and we do it on your time! We don't use subcontractors to install our floors.

Hardwood Flooring Installation Process

The most satisfying part of the project in your newly renovated home is when you get to the finish line but not preparing your foundation and subfloor could result in your happiness not lasting. We take the time and ensure to identify any potential issues to ensure your project is completed with no problems. New builds carry a lot more dampness because of the exposed concrete, wet lumber, and walls within the house. In the initial building process, it may take longer for the foundation to be ready for installation. On new builds, flooring is not delivered until the house is at the correct moisture level. HVAC is an aid in providing an optimal environment for your wood floors and other floors. On new builds, you will often see the need to run HVAC temporarily and even blowers, dehumidifiers, and equipment when a full-time system is not available.

How Much Does Hardwood Flooring Cost

Calculating wood flooring and another flooring varies on your home and some other factors. The most important one being the actual square footage of your home or office. Not all rooms are made equally, and not all places will have the same amount of waste due to the shapes of rooms and corners. Rectangular rooms are optimal in minimizing flooring waste, and while there will be waste in every project, each floor plan is slightly different. Most standard wood plank and strip floors in rooms that are square and easier to install will require a 5-10% waste for cutting and culling (visual defects). For a standard straight installation of your floor, this is a relatively standard amount of waste. However, in some homes, there are angles, bays, and other sorts of custom work that is required. This can increase the amount of flooring waste, especially if the installation is diagonal and the product is lower grade. That can result in an increased waste of 15-20% for your flooring project. The industry standard in wood products allows for no more than 5% of the product the be defective or not falling within the grade. Given our experience in the wood flooring industry, buyers should be aware of products because not all products are made equally.

Removing Hardwood Flooring

When we install flooring in new constructions, we have minimal preparation that will need to be done. However, a fully furnished home will have many challenges. It starts with moving furniture to remove carpet, vinyl, linoleum, tile, or even other existing wood floors. Some flooring can no longer be refinished, or the owner would like a different look in their home. We have the resources to come into your home and remove all floor coverings while not leaving you with an overwhelming mess to clean up. Some processes are more natural and less time consuming like carpets, and others can take additional time and resources such as wood removal and tile demo. We understand safety is an issue and take the measures required to protect ourselves and homeowners.

Subfloor Preparation for Hardwood flooring

Once the flooring has been removed, we are ready to asses the subfloor/foundation. Due to soil and expansion of the East Valley and much of the Southwest, there are sometimes additional costs. Unfortunately, with expansive soil, some repairs must be addressed and fixed before installation. In the long run, these fixes will prevent the floors from failing and causing additional headaches.

Questions, Tips, and Facts About Your Flooring

Pro's about Engineered Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Flooring is an excellent product for every home. Whether you are interested in engineered hardwood or solid hardwood flooring, we have it. We provide glue down, nail down, and staple down products for all rooms in your home or office.


Quality Hardwood Flooring ages well! Whether you have purchased solid hardwoods that need to be finished or engineered hardwoods that need to be sanded, we can provide you top quality service.

Outstanding Customer Service and Extensive Coverage Area

Have a question? Call or E-Mail us! Shoot us a message on Instagram or Twitter! We are here to work with you and help answer your questions!

We provide service in areas: Casa Blanca, Chandler, Chandler Heights, Gilbert, Guadalupe, Higley, Mesa, Queen Creek, Sacaton, San Carlos, San Tan Valley, Santan, Sun Lakes, Tempe, Phoenix, Tuscon, Flagstaff, Scottsdale, Goodyear, Avondale, Easy Valley, Cave Creek, or anywhere within 100 miles of Chandler, AZ

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