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AZ Supreme Flooring LLC history in flooring has been a learning experience from the start. Before forming our business we had to undertake and learn as apprentices. We too had to start from scratch to understand how to do things the right way! With so many words, tools, floors, it's easy to get confused as a customer. Here is a little guide to understand some a of the flooring terms used.

  • Anti-Fracture Membrane - It acts as a bridge. A Product that produces a layer that goes over the crack so movement in the concrete is not directly transferred to tile. 

  • Baby Threshold - A carpet or other floor covering transition which has A minor vertical height difference. Also used in sliding door areas.

  • Backer Board - Commonly used as a tile base on plywood or oriented strand board sub floor

  • Brad Nails - a thin nail with the same thickness throughout with tapering in width

  • Caulking Gun - Used to apply caulking in areas like the top or bottom of baseboard or other trims

  • Engineered Hardwood - Floors that made up of multiple layers and quality engineered floors can later be refinished

  • Felt Pads - Used to protect your floors and are placed at the bottom of your chairs, tables, furniture, or other objects that can damage your floors

  • Floor Nailer - Used to install wood floors and is attached to your air compressor

  • Floor Stapler - Used to install wood floors and is attached to your air compressor

  • Flooring Cutter - A machine that is commonly used to cut laminate and luxury vinyl floors

  • Flooring Jack - Gets your wood or laminate boards tight and is used around the wall

  • Flooring Mallet - Used to assist in the installation of your wood flooring

  • Grout Float - A float helps assist with the grouting of your tiles

  • Jamb Saw - Commonly used to undercut trims around your doors and baseboards

  • Laminate Spacers - Installed at the wall of your laminate flooring during installation. Helps keep the proper gap needed during your floating floor installatio

  • LVP - Luxury Vinyl Plank is modern waterproof flooring that has a wood look to it and there is a tile look to some products as well

  • Miter Saw - Most common saw for your hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl flooring cuts

  • Moisture Meter - Used to measure moisture in the concrete prior to installation. Too much moisture will lead to floor failures.

  • One Sided Reducer - A transition used to a flat surface

  • Pry Bar - Used to help move the floor in close corners and close to the wall

  • Quarter Round - Used against baseboard to allow expansion space

  • Reducer - A reducer is used as a transition from an elevated floor down to a flat floor/surface

  • Solid Hardwood - Wood that is the same all the way through. There are no layers in solid hardwood unlike Engineered. 

  • Stair Nosing - A piece that is used during stair installation at the front of the the step

  • Table Saw - Commonly used to make long vertical cuts on you hardwood, laminate, and LVP flooring

  • Tapping Block -It helps protect the tongue and groove along with the plank from being damaged when you are installing your floors

  • T-Molding - A floor molding used to transition one floor covering to another.

  • Trowel - Helps spread the tinset and adhesive correctly on your sub-floor

  • Underlayment - Used in many different ways for your floor covering. Laminate, Hardwood, and Luxury Vinyl all have different uses.

  • Wood Adhesive - Commonly used for engineered hardwood as solids are commonly stapled/nailed down.

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