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Tile Flooring and Remodeling

Tile Contractor in Chandler, AZ

AZ Supreme Flooring LLC provides tile installations for floor covering and custom shower design. We have over 20 years of experince in hard surface covering with hard flooring surfaces. Tile is one of the most popular floors available on the market throughout the years. There are thousands of options when it comes to tile from decorative, to wood look tile, mosaic, ceramic, porcelain, marble, limes stone, and more.

Tile Flooring and Decoratie Tile Focal Point

Guide To Tile Flooring

Finding comfort in the tile you are selecting is important. You want a tile product that can be durable in traffic areas but also comfortable on your feet. Often customers choose tile because of its durability compared to other flooring options and its ability to withstand damage during painting, renovations, or other daily activities. An important thing to consider is how the floor will go with the rest of your home décor. Some designs offer you an endless array of rugs and decorative fixtures to choose from while other color variations might limit your options. There isn’t a choice that is wrong but knowing your design beforehand provides you an understanding of how it will change your home for the best. The color of your walls is as important if not more than the color of your tile. If you want to make your room visually bigger sticking to lighter tones can help with that. When you are unsure a great store like Dunn Edwards provides great resources to help you speak with a color expert and provide you an excellent color match to go along with your tiles and furniture.

Tile Size and Room Size

Are you considering doing a diagonal tile installation? If you have large floor plan with a narrow space or room, you can turn the tile diagonal and reduce the visual feeling of a small space. We can also use a pinwheel pattern and get a similar effect. There are designs such as tile borders which can provide visual beauty but if they are put in the wrong area they will shrink the room further. Larger tile can bring depth and make your room look bigger. This is due to the fewer amount of grout lines and in a diagonal install you start to connect those lines into triangles and visually making the room bigger in your head. Areas like your laundry room or other relatively small areas should not have extremely large tiles as they may be overwhelming in those areas. If you are tiling a small bathroom and want to make it appear larger a mosaic tile can do wonders, or a 12 x 12-inch tile is a great idea. A popular choice for homeowners currently is the plank wood look tile which can add depth and can provide a hardwood feel with more durability than most natural wood floors. They come in a large variety of tile sizes, tile colors, and texture options.

Wall Tiles and Decorative Tile Ideas

With a little imagination tiles can turn your home into a comfortable modern living space, a coastal dream, provide a rustic industrial look, or do anything your mind can envision. A bathroom with a vanity and storage options lets you replace medicine cabinets with beautiful tile borders. Whether you are doing dual mirrors or one large mirror in the bathroom, you can tile the mirrors and make the room look visually bigger. The options to choose from are endless. White and black tiles offer unlimited options that never go out of style.

Small bathrooms with narrow spaces can offer an elegant restaurant feel with wall and floor tiles that are done up with the same tile on both your wall and the floor. They can also be subway tiled in the same color for unity or you can bring an accent with a wide range of colors in similar color schemes and grout colors. Subway tile is one of the most popular choices for both shower remodels and backsplash in the kitchen and bathroom of today’s homes and homes of the past. Glass tile is a popular choice with subway tile because it can be used in creating mosaic accents. With mosaic glass tiles your can create beautiful accent wall as a focal point of your shower while creating a niche area on your other walls.

Decorativ Tile Design
Mosaic Tile Design

Tile Flooring Ideas and Mosaic Tile

Black and White Tile

Often homeowners come across inspirations on Pintrest and other social media of extravagant tile designs. There is no reason you can’t create these beautiful and elegant interiors in your own home. Dark, bold, and bright colors are often not chosen because of fear but when you create balance you will make a masterpiece. Also, don’t be scared to use a patterned tile installation. Herringbone is a V-Shaped installation that brings a luxurious and eye-catching design. Herringbone is beautiful and is often used in floor covering and wall covering of tile and wood flooring. Chevron is also a design like herringbone, but the ends are cut in an angle which makes a continuous zig-zag pattern. Each of these are a premium tile installation and one that can bring the most of your tile project over the traditional off-set tile installation and the 1/3 offset tile installation which is popular in the wood look tile. Another installation of quality workmanship is the hopscotch (pinwheel) tile pattern. It’s offset by small square tiles in the corners and brings the look of a pinwheel which is often seen in bathroom floors.

Decorative tile and Moroccan inspired tile give your home style and beauty. They can bring a home both durable flooring and luxurious home feel. Spanish tile installation in risers of hardwood stairs brings an elegant touch. You don’t have to use decorative tile for just walls and backsplashes with so many options to choose from they are a wonderful choice for your floors. They are easy to maintain and clean, which mean they are a great choice for homeowners. Never be scared to mix and match decorative tiles with to create your own unique look. Take advantage of social media and talking to experts in flooring to find a design that will make your dreams come to life. The beauty of the internet gives you the opportunity for endless inspiration and ideas.

Tile Types, Pros, Cons, and FAQ's 

AZ Supreme Flooring LLC will help you choose the tile that is right for your project. Tile has the durability and that leaves you stress free! In life where many accidents happen, tile is there to protect you! Stains, traffic, water damage, and many other things that happen throughout the years will be a lot more stress free because these floors are here to stay and look great! You don't have to worry about your kids spills or your pets hair getting into your carpet and leaving a mark. A spilled glass of wine is easy to clean up without the lasting memory of the stain in the floor. 

Maintaining your tile is easy! It consists of vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping! This means all that dust, dirt, pollen, and hair will not sit and cause your allergies to be even worse. 

Do you want to get rid of that tub? Do you want to walk-in your shower and have space to shower? We can help you design the shower that you love! With hundreds of different designs over the past 20 years we can find one that is right for you. 

We will bring the samples right to you! Tell us about what you would like or if you have an inspiration on Pintrest or any social media and we will make it come to you!

Pro's about Tile Floors

  • Easy to maintain

  • Pet and Family Friendly

  • Easy to Clean

  • Stain Resistant 

  • Increases Home Value 

  • 1000's of choices

  • Long lasting investment 

If you are ready to get your new tile flooring, or are considering looking into it give AZ Supreme Flooring LLC a call for the best experience you will find in the flooring industry.

Have a question? Call or E-Mail us! Shoot us a message on Instagram or Twitter! We are here to work with you and help answer your questions!

We provide service in areas: Casa Blanca, Chandler, Chandler Heights, Gilbert, Guadalupe, Higley, Mesa, Queen Creek, Sacaton, San Carlos, San Tan Valley, Santan, Sun Lakes, Tempe, Phoenix, Tuscon, Flagstaff, Scottsdale, Goodyear, Avondale, Easy Valley, Cave Creek, or anywhere within 100 miles of Chandler, AZ

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