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AZ Supreme Flooring LLC Has been installing hardwood for over 20 years in the Phoenix area alone. We understand the process from the initial consultation to the completion. The search for the flooring you would like in your home starts and finishes with us. We offer a large selection of residential flooring products with great warranties. Our family business isn't commission-based. There is no pressure to sell you anything that isn't the right floor for you.

We work with homeowners, builders, real estate agents, general contractors, and more.

Our goal is to provide your home with the floor covering that suits you and your families' needs. With a wide range of options in hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, tile, carpet, and luxury vinyl flooring. We offer top quality brands at competitive prices.

Each home is unique and each floor needs to suit the lifestyle for that family. Whether you want warmth and comfort with carpet or love the durability and modern look of the luxury vinyl plank or prefer the rich never aging look of hardwood floors we can help you choose the right floor for you.

The process is simple and fast. We work witch each customer on their budget and time frame. We have a top-quality business that can ensure your projects are finished in a timely manner. 

Share your ideas with us and we will work with you to provide you the exact flooring samples you want. There is no residential project too small or big for us. We work all over the state of Arizona and have completed thousands of projects from Phoenix to Flagstaff to Tucson. We understand the importance of proving excellent service. 

If you are in need of an installer for your home or a contractor for your business reach out to us today and we will work with you.

What Flooring Should I Go With?

This is a fairly common question among first time buyers. With so many different colors, patterns, finishes, and options to choose from sometimes it can be overwhelming to make the final decision. It's difficult enough to decide what's for dinner some nights and this is the choice that you look at everyday. So what is it that you want to go with? Solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, unfinshied, prefinshed, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, decorative tile, carpet, vinyl plank or maybe painted floors? Do you have pets? Are you kids sometimes due to make spills and messes? Do you enjoy laying down on the floor and relaxing with a book in your hand? Everyone has their own hobbies and comforts.


Let's not get tired of your project before it has even started. We can have a look at some popular choices below and what's popular on the market and what other homeowners are choosing. 

Is Wood Flooring For Me?

Wood flooring is one of the most popular choices on the market. Hardwood flooring is a timeless classic and comes in many different finishes. Matte finishes have become increasingly popular for homeowners due to the visual appeal and rustic look. The maintenance of wood floors is easy with simple vacuuming and mopping with wood floor cleaner. Wood floors come in many different hardness levels depending on species and engineering and are very durable. However, we would not recommend putting in wood flooring in high water areas such as bathrooms due to moisture impacting and potentially damaging your floors over time. Hardwood floors are excellent choice for your home and will instantly bring value to it. Wide plank flooring provides a great look for large open floor plans and can bring out the most beautiful features in your home. With a quality wood floor and outstanding workmanship these floors will be in your home for decades to come.

Hardwood Flooring in Kitchen

Are Vinyl Plank Floors Right For Me?

Vinyl Plank Waterproof Floors

A lot of homeowners hear the word vinyl and are instantly scared. As an installer, when this product was introduced into the market even I had some skepticism. The truth is these floors are truly a great product for a lot of homeowners. With an excellent vinyl plank product you will reap the rewards for a long time to come. These floors are extremely durable and most of all waterproof which allows them to be a great choice for the entire home. They are more affordable than traditional wood and tile and come in both stone and hardwood looking finishes which gives you a great selection to choose from. For buyers with large pets and kids these floors are forgiving. Beware of discounted products like with any type of flooring or products with bad warranties. These floors also need to be installed on very level surface. Vinyl Plank floors will last you a very long time with proper care and maintenance. 

Life With Tile Floors Your Home

Tile is a very popular option in flooring but even more so in the Southwest. Saltillo tile originates for Mexico and is common in Arizona but it has a love or hate relationship with most homeowners. Wood look tile is also a very popular choice due to it's durability over hardwood but the downfall to some buyers is the grout lines. Tile will increase the value of your home and it can be used in a lot of ways outside of just your floors. You can spice up your kitchen or bathroom with counters and backsplash. A lot of homeowners choose tile in high water and traffic areas such as bathrooms but some opt with softer flooring in lounging areas. With so many different types of tile there is something for each homeowner to find and to love. You can design a beautiful showers and bathrooms and change your home. The one downfall of tile is that it is more costly than other flooring options.

Tile and Stone Floors

Spice Up Your Home With Flooring Patterns, Medallions, and Ornate Flooring

Arizona Wood Medallio
Arizona Medallion Wood Star
Tile Medallion.jpg
Stone Medallion Inlay

Hardwood Medallion Arizona
Wood Floor Border Diagonal Inlay
Hardwood and Tile Diagonal Inlay

Top Flooring Influences Around The World

What brings out true beauty and top quality workmanship when it comes to flooring? All lot of practice and a lot of patience when it comes down to difficult and unique parts of your layout and your floor. A lot of homeowners love making the most out of their personal space. There is an art when it comes to designing a medallion whether it's a custom design or a prefinished inlay that has to be cut out and installed. Once designed by hand ornate wood floors can no be machined and economically create those inlays and medallions for anything imaginable. 

The 1st origins are not known but throughout history their has been a rich history of art. The Ottomans, Greeks, Romans, and Byzantine Empire were some of the early periods in which some designs were known to have existed but due to inability to preserve the wood it's not fully known where the original decorations came from.

Egyptian Flooring Pattern.jpg

Egyptian Art

Byzantine Flooring Design.jpg

Byzantine Art

Assyrian Flooring Design.jpg

Assyrian Art

Greek Flooring Design.jpg

Greek Art

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