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Why is Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring so popular in 2019?

When we think of Vinyl flooring we think of sitting down on our gym floors in elementary school and looking at those tan colored squares. Maybe when you were playing basketball or dodgeball and falling and scraping your knees. Some of us can go even further and go back into the 50s and 60s when they were the hottest trend. There were multiple colors and patterns running each and every way throughout your house. There were so many different colors to choose from and it was super easy to clean up.


Today vinyl flooring is not the same product that it used to be. Vinyl plank flooring today is not even a comparison to laminate because laminate is still made out of wood product unlike modern vinyl which is still made out of vinyl. These new floors are much softer than hardwood floors and laminate floors.

vinyl plank stairs
luxury vinyl plank stairs

What makes LVP flooring so popular? It's affordable! It's quality flooring and it can go in every room of you home.

!00% Moisture Resistant and with almost every quality product you buy it's eco-friendly and it comes with commercial grade warranty.

Why are people choosing LVP? It comes in so many different styles. Do you want a wood look? You can find it! You can also find tile and stone look alike designs. There are so many options that the possibilities are endless. These floors are easy to maintain which means if you have pets and kids you don't have to worry about the messes that come with everyday life.

Pets make accident! Kids make accident! The best thing is you don't have to worry about it damaging you floor.



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