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8 Cool things about engineered hardwood you should know!

European Oak Engineered Hardwood Flooring
  1. DURABILITY: Engineered wood floors are extremely durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic for everyday wear and tear. The wood is constructed with multiple layers, making it more resistant to warping, cracking, and cupping.

  2. IT'S STABLE: A key advantage of engineered hardwood is its stability. The layers of wood are set in a cross-grain pattern, which makes the flooring less susceptible to larger expansion and contraction due to changes in humidity and temperature. This aspect is particularly beneficial in areas with fluctuating moisture levels, such as basements and bathrooms.

  3. EASIER INSTALL: Engineered flooring is designed for easier hardwood installation. Most are able to be installed as a floating floor, glued down, or even nailed down, depending on your preference of the product. This makes it an excellent choice for DIY enthusiasts or those looking for an option to solid hardwood.

  4. VERSATILITY: A wide range of styles, colors, and finishes, allowing you to choose the perfect hardwood flooring look for your space. Whether you prefer a classic oak, a modern gray, or a rich walnut, you can find engineered hardwood to suit your aesthetic preferences.

  5. AFFORDABLE: Often more affordable than solid wood floors, making it a cost-effective option for homeowners. It provides the same aesthetic appeal as solid hardwood but at a lower cost.

  6. LONG LIFESPAN: With proper care and maintenance, engineered hardwood flooring can last for decades. The top veneer layer can be sanded and refinished multiple times depending of the wear layer, allowing you to refresh its appearance and extend its life even further. This longevity makes engineered hardwood a wise investment for your home.

  7. IMPROVED ACOUSTICS: Engineered floors have the advantage of reducing noise and providing much better acoustics compared to other flooring options, such as laminate, luxury vinyl or tile. The multiple layers of wood act as natural sound barriers, making it a great choice for minimizing noise transmission between floors or rooms.

  8. SUPER EASY MAINTENANCE: Regular sweeping or vacuuming, occasional mopping with hardwood floor cleaner, and promptly addressing spills or stains can keep it looking beautiful for years.



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