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What flooring design suits my homes personality?

We all know how busy or lack thereof our households can be. We are either the hosts or the guest at the party gatherings and we always see flooring designs we love and flooring designs we hate. You can walk into a modern restaurant bathroom and either be awoken by the decorative nature or put the sleep by the lack of colors. Neither one is a bad design and both are wonderful in their own form.

Decorative Flooring
Decorative Tile Design
Modern Bathroom
Simple Bathroom Design

Decorative flooring can be beautiful when it is installed and matched correctly. This isn't a Lego set with all of the pieces you need to finish your project. You at times need to mix and match patterns of flooring and outlines to bring out the most from your decorative flooring. This also optimizes to view of your home floors and doesn't shrink your rooms when it's used correctly. It's like finding a dress you love to wear or a great tie but you may find yourself asking yourself "What can I even match with this?" Some people seem to know from the start and others just put it back down and don't touch it until they see an inspiration for that decorative flooring design. The colors in decorative flooring will not allow your guest to sneak off into your bathroom to wash up and wake up because the colors are there to wake them up and keep them up. Is that too much for you? Possibly, but a lot of people can only handle so many colors, patters, and things popping in their face. Can you handle decorative flooring in every room or your bathrooms or at all?

Chevron Wall Covering
Chevron Wall Covering

We have modern designs mixed with decorative patterns. If you are looking for something that isn't in your face decorative tile but more neutral colored. Then herringbone, chevron, basket weave, and other options can bring a modern look and still be decorative. Whether you choose to do your flooring with herringbone pattern or walls with chevron design there is more simple and decorative options for you. Hardwood flooring has been used for centuries and brings ageless beauty and design to your home. The designs are more simplistic than those of Ancient Roman mosaic tile work but they are a different form of art and color. Hardwood is used to bring warm colors into your home and although it does require more upkeep than a lot of tile products it is one of the products that will change your home more than any other flooring. Is that too busy for your floors or walls?

You might enjoy a small room where you spend your day working, watching tv, reading, or just simply relaxing. Hardwood flooring, vinyl plank flooring, or laminate flooring can all come in many different colors. A cozy rug to cover and protect your floor but also change the entire focal point of your floor can be even nicer. In a very simple room it doesn't take much to change your floor and give your room new life. Light colored flooring can be given new look with a simple rug design or the use of thin brick to give your space a simple and yet cozy feel. You don't need too much flooring decor but simple patter or lack thereof to give your room a change. You can add thin brick to a single wall where there is lighting to bring out the most of your room.

There are many different home flooring personalities. Some are simple and cozy and other are busy and decorative. The very best flooring for your home is the one that makes you feel happy every time you open your door and see what you love most. Whether it's hardwood flooring on your walls or floors or if you are putting in decorative backsplash or tile floor.

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Andre Les
Andre Les
Jun 09, 2022

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