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The top choice for customers is wood floors and it comes as no surprise. Wood is very durable and even easier to maintain while providing a beautiful look to your home. To ensure it stays that way here are a few tips to follow and ensure it longevity and appeal:

· Sweep - Buildup of dust and dirt can end up scratching the surface of the wood.

· Cleaning – Avoid using water to clean your hardwood floors. Water can damage wood over time, which can cause potential warping of boards. Clean all spills and don’t allow water to stay on the floor. Do not use household cleaning products to clean your hardwood such as bleach or ammonia. This will result in damage to the finish of your wood.

· Mats – Use mats to help prevent damage near your entry way and exit. If you have an office chair find a nice mat for that area. Those wheels will damage your floors over the years if you are rolling around.

· Rugs – Put down an area rug in places that have the most foot traffic such as the living room.

· Blinds or Curtains – Exposure to sunlight over a long period of time will bleach parts of your wood floors, causing unattractive, discolored splotches.

· Felt Pads – Furniture moves whether you intended to move it or not. To avoid your furniture scratching your wood when this happens, place felt pads underneath the feet of tables and chairs.

These tips will protect and prolong your beautiful wood floors.

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