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Water Damaged Flooring

The very first flood that happened to me was as a child. I was around 6th grade and it was a Saturday because I can recall watching cartoons. I stepped into the bathroom for a few minutes and all of a sudden notice water at my feet. I can recall my mom being upstairs and and I yell to my mom and full emergency mode ensues. With my father away working it was my mother, my younger sister, toddler brother, and myself picking up every possible towel, fan, mop, broom, or object we could find to sweep all the water out of the front door, backyard, or into the garage. That was not a fun Saturday to my memory but it showed me that you do need to be prepared for the worst case scenario

Water damage can happen whether you're living in your home or you come back from vacation to find a swimming pool inside of your home when you open the door. 

Water damage to home and offices is nightmare for every family and business. The truth is that water and wood just don't make a good combination. Not only does water damage wood flooring but it can damage tile and your sub floor. When the water is left to sit the wood will take in all the water it can. Over time this will cause the wood to warp and discolor. The sub floor can completely be destroyed and may need to be taken up. 

Water Damaged Hardwood Flooring And Sub-Floor

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