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My Pets And My Floors

Many of us have them and love them but what does that mean for your new hardwood floors? With new floors come new responsibilities but these are not to be considered overwhelming. Hardwood is very durable and comes in many different hardness levels depending on which species you would like. Just consider that hard maple is put down on most basketball courts and you can see just how durable hardwood floors can be.

With many pets accidents happen! They are coming in and out of your home and bringing in dirt and other allergens. Regardless on what floor you choose these accidents will happen. With proper training your pets will have minimal accidents and for new puppies there are training pads that can be used. With hardwood floors these messes are quick and easy to clean up unlike carpet where it can be a nightmare once it's soaked into the pad. 

With large dogs you will want to avoid letting the nails stay long and untrimmed. Simply keeping the nails clipped and trimmed can be a simple way to keep your floors looking like new. These nails can cause scratches especially on softer woods. Cats and small dogs are unlikely to make as much of an issue as they are often too lightweight. Water bowls and eating areas can be messy so using a bowl that won't move or simply buying a waterproof mat will protect the area.

Our Model "Joon" The Blue Heeler

Can my pet damage my floor

There are matte finished hardwood floors that are usually only 10-25% gloss. Often a choice for homeowners who want to hide scuffs, debris, and scratches. These are very popular choices among families with children, pets, or other furniture and toys that can more easily make marks on your satin or semi-gloss floors. Matte floors reflect minimal light and are considered "modern" hardwood. No matter what hardwood floor you go with you will be able to keep it looking beautiful for decades on with the proper care. Don't allow messes to sit for extended periods of time. Sweep, dust, vacuum, and mop with hardwood surface cleaner to keep you floors looking new for a long time.

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