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Customer Purchased Products

Do you install flooring we purchased?

"Will AZ Supreme Flooring install flooring that was purchased through a third party or an online website?" The answer is "YES" we will do installation of floors that have been purchased elsewhere and not directly through AZ Supreme Flooring LLC. These installations will be covered with our workmanship warranty. We offer a wide range of products with great warranties but if you do purchase your products through another source we will gladly do the installation.


Before you purchase your flooring through another party you should be aware of their product warranty as they will be the responsible party for any flooring defects and/or flooring issues. This includes delivery, returns, restocking fee, and other potential charges that may need to be covered. 


A lot of manufactures void warranties on online sales through third parties. If this is the road you would like to take please be aware of potential risks and the warranties that come with the floors you are purchasing.

With all products purchased through AZ Supreme Flooring LLC we are responsible party when it comes to making a claim on your floors if there were any such defects. We will work with each party to get the matter resolved.

Installing Customer Purchased Flooring
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