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Are Laminate Floors Real Hardwood?

In 1977 a company by the name of "Pergo" invented laminate flooring in Sweden. It was in the '90s that laminate flooring took off in the United States. The laminate was not always glueless, but due to the improvement in tongue and groove systems today, almost all laminates are floated. Laminate flooring is "not" like engineered hardwood or solid hardwood, but instead, it is a multi-layer synthetic product made to look like real wood or sometimes even like a stone. These boards are made in part with a lamination process (wood pressed together at high temperatures) and are made of fiberboard materials and melamine resin. The benefits of this pressed wood are that it's very durable in comparison to Hardwood and even Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring. With high-quality products, you will have a more authentic wood look that matches real wood textures and other features.

Laminate Flooring Near Me
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